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The brand finds its essence in its identity, shaped by defining the mission, vision, and overall goals of the business, as well as through a compelling story that authentically resonates with the audience.


Creating a brand image for an online store specializing in wool products and wooden toys, ensuring a cohesive and consistent online identity.

  • Strategy

    Creative Design, Brand Identity

  • Design

    Visual identity, Social media

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Open Project

Develop a distinctive brand identity for the upcoming greenique online store.

Robilix Design has meticulously shaped the brand identity for the greenique online store. greenique represents a dream turned into reality—a space where the natural realms of wool and wood spring to life.

What Robilix Design did

Infused a modern vibe into a recently established brand identity

greenique is not just about shopping; it is also a significant contribution to promoting a more sustainable life and encouraging a deeper connection between children and nature.

What we did

Refined visuals
suitable for various purposes.

Join the greenique story, where each object holds a special meaning, and every purchase becomes a small contribution to a greener and healthier future for all.

Robilix Design portfolio Greenique
Robilix Design portfolio Greenique
Robilix Design portfolio Greenique
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